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Agent Orange

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Agent Orange is a versatile American hot sauce containing 11 different chili peppers and a total of 18 ingredients. The flavor profile is tangy and sweet with bitter undertones followed by a slow building, pleasent burn. The garlic and onions provide a savory tangent for your taste buds. This hot sauce pairs well with steak, burgers, pizza, tacos, eggs, ramen... the possibilities are endless. Great for the casual consumer and hot sauce enthusiast alike. With a perfect balance of flavor and heat, we rank Agent Orange a 6/10 on the heat scale. *Buy 3 bottles, receive free shipping*

INGREDIENTS: Jalapeno, Onion, Garlic, Serrano, Habanero, White Vinegar, Salt, Thai Chili, Crushed Red Pepper, Cayenne, Olive Oil, Ghost Pepper, Scorpion Pepper, Carolina Reaper, Chile de Arbol, Red Japanese Chili, Paprika, Black Pepper